Data Sources

This page lists sources of Open Data for Scotland. In time it will be split into multiple pages, as it grows.

Community-curated data

  • Org ID Guide - a list of standard identifiers for organisations
  • Wikidata holds several datasets about Scotland. Here are two to get started with:
  • Re-worked open data... An objective of the DCS project is to address the "ease of use" issue over open data. The contents of this Git repository are the result of that project re-working some of the existing source open data about waste in Scotland, in an attempt to make it easier to understand, consume, and be all in one place.

Public Sector data

The public sector is broken down into five headings, below.


This topic now has its own page.

Local Authorities

The list of data sources has been moved to its own page.

Scottish Government

The list of data sources for Scottish Government now has its own page.

Universities and Colleges

All data is now listed on the Universities and Colleges page.

Private Sector data

The UK Oil and Gas Authority (a UK public body) have an open data platform. As of 17 September 2020 this has 535 data sets from private sector as well as the public sector. The platform is based on ARC GIS and has a mix of data types, filetypes and licences.