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Data Formats[edit]

Common data formats are .csv, .json and .txt files.

Common, more exact, formats include: Turtle (.ttl) and CSV on the Web (.csvw).

Best Practice[edit]

For spreadsheets read Data Organization in Spreadsheets by Karl W. Broman & Kara H. Woo


Reading Data[edit]

Flatten Tool (json to csv)

Google Sheets: App Script and Google Query Language And a library for version controlling: Clasp

Microsoft Excel

Power Query is an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool built in to Microsoft Excel (from 2016) and Microsoft's Power BI. It has a user interface which allows users to transform data without needing to code, although coding is possible in the "M" language.

Mistakes and open/closed methodologies: Austerity spreadsheet mistake

Data Visualisation[edit]

Microsoft PowerBI


R Shiny